Changing The Script šŸ“ƒ

About a week in and it appears to be that 2016 has drifted by just as steadily as we have seen 2017 rowing in, and with it the world over, now is the time to mend broken dreams for some while for others, just the opportunity to build atop of dreams achieved in the previous year either professionally or personally.

Possible common goals would be to soar at a career, to further an education or to leap into the scary and lonely world of the unknown; the world of independence.



Why not?
Living in a not-so-favorable economy? Maybe!!!
Exorbitant return interest rates on loans from financial institutions? Maybe!!!
Coming from a medium income family and riddled with Black tax? Maybe!!!
…and so on and so forth.



Inasmuch as both options of renting and self build require spending of money, with one of them requiring a lot more of it than the other, the most obvious one would be renting.But, what if you rebelled against what’s most obvious, Hmm?



And, what if you fought the odds and came into some finances by way of disciplined saving? With all these fixed account saving options being offered by most banks which would rather receive money than give it out, now is a good time as any. Money can be saved for as long as you wish and inaccessible to you until such a time as stipulated in the terms and conditions of maintaining the said account, while accruing interest of an agreed percentage all at the same time. I’d advise you to get in touch with your bank for more information.


I realize that it is easier said than done, and maybe too much to ask for, but what if you changed your script in 2017 and building your own little humble abode were possible? How would that space look like?



Well, mine would look something of this sort. Something as simple, yet as elegant as this…



…a one bedroom space with a closet and serviced by an open-planned Kitchen-Lounge with a pantry and a water closet next to a bath and a hand wash basin.



This is as I understand it is what’s called a Bedsitter!

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